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Flow Click


MORE MAGNESIUM FOR YOUR WATER A unique combination of rare and essential minerals, including magnesium (considered the mineral of life).

Pre Order (Delivery by the end of February) / Pré Venda (Entrega para final de Fevereiro) 

PROMOTION: 4 installments of $170, NO DOWN PAYMENT. 30,60,90,120.

PROMOÇÃO: 4x de $170 SEM ENTRADA. 30, 60, 90, 120. 

The Acqualive Flow Click Filter Element Set is the most efficient water ionizer on the market. With technology that mimics the natural ionization process, it transforms ordinary tap water into an inexhaustible source of health.

As it has four individual stages for water treatment, it produces crystal clear water, light, with high hydration power and free of bacteria, chlorine and toxic metals, ensuring healthy, safe and reliable water.Flow Click also transforms ordinary water into water rich in minerals, magnesium, alkaline (with pH above 8), with high alkalinizing power (Negative PRAL) and with Negative ORP.

In addition, recent tests reveal that Acqualive's exclusive TriWay adds free hydrogen to water, that is, molecular hydrogen (H2) which is a powerful antioxidant.